All vehicles have now been removed from Dartsave accounts. Please ensure you arrange an alternative method of paying for future Dart Charge crossings and settle your account at the earliest convenience.


The changes at Dartford Crossing mean that if you use it and fail to pay Sanef (the French company running the tolls for the government) by midnight the next night, you will be fined £70. Cameras will take your registration number as you go through and they will link the information via the DVLA to the registered keeper’s address.

We think it will be easy to forget that you have used the crossing because you got stuck in a traffic jam, were late for your flight, ferry, meeting, wedding or any one of 101 things, which is why we think the £70 fine after 1 day is unfair. Dartsave gives you protection against the fines.

If you register yourself and your vehicles with Dartsave, we will ensure your vehicle is paid-for every time you use the crossing. This will prevent a fine being issued and we will remind you that you have used the crossing and ask you to pay us the normal £2.50 within 21 days. This is exactly the same amount you would have to pay Sanef.

Once your account is activated you will be required to pay all future transactions through your Dartsave account.

Please do not make any further payments directly to Dart Charge unless this is for crossings made prior to registering with us.

In order to make a payment you simply need to log into your account via the website and go to Unpaid Transactions. By logging in and going to the 'Outstanding Payments' tab, you will be able to see your unpaid crossings and when ready you can click on the Pay Now button.

This will enable you to pay using any major credit or debit card. If you are unable to access your account please give us a call on 01493 800321 and we can process your payment over the phone.

We realise that it’s easy to forget to pay, you might go on holiday or something may happen to put it out of your mind.

After 21 days, we will chase you up with and email/phone call, we reserve the right to add a £10 admin fee to your bill for this, which is much better than the £70 fine that the government would enforce.

One week on, if the charge remains unpaid we will place your account on hold and you will have to find an alternative way to pay the Dart Charge fee until the outstanding charges are settled.

We will issue you with a login which enables you to add and remove registration numbers (coming soon!), for now please send your updates to but please note this can take upto 48hrs to take effect.

You can opt-in to a monthly reminder email which tells you of the registrations that are logged to your account.

You can login and see a history, this can be printed if you wish to claim back expenses or maybe get your family to repay you for their usage.

No, if you have not registered with us and had a confirmation that your account is live and your vehicles are logged BEFORE you use the crossing, you will not be covered by us and you must pay Sanef.

If this happens, the best thing to do is register with us, so that you will not run the risk of being caught-out in the future.